Member of Parliament aspirant Nyeko Derrick on his campaign trail amidst police brutality and intimidation. 

Yesterday,i conducted door to door meetings with our votes in kibuli and Kabalangala where i joined A NUP candidate Hassan katende contesting for LC3 Councilor Kabalangala Ward B.

It was encouraging to receive a warm reception everywhere we went as we where sharing the message of freedom throughout.

These people sent equivocal message to current leaders ” we supported your rise to power and after you dumped us ,now we want real change” it is encouraging to see people whose mind are made up of change.

Through the course of our meetings ,POLICE confronted us to stop our meetings,We stood strong aganist this act as its constitutional to meet our people ,we continued our meetings in a “Rabadaba style” Nothing can stop us in delivering the message of freedom to our people. A New Uganda awaits.


The team of 13 comrades in Lira that was arrested in Kole District last month during #Bobi4President’s campaign in the District got cash bail today but towards evening when banks were already closing. Some of them, thus, got out of jail today but the last member of this team will have been released by end of tomorrow.

2. Sserunkuuma Johnbosco & 13 other supporters of NUP who were tried at Makindye Court Martial and remanded to Kitalya Prison 3 weeks ago for putting on #PeoplePower attire were not returned to Court today. Court Martial officials gave no reason for this but simply stated that their Court will neither sit today nor tomorrow. They proceeded to chase of relatives and lawyers who had gone to represent the suspects. NUP lawyers have embarked on the necessary legal steps to arrest this brazen travesty of justice.

3. The 100+ members of our President’s campaign team who were arrested in Kalangala last week have been granted cash bail of UGX 200K each today by Court in Masaka. They were charged with inciting violence; obstruction of Police officers on duty; and committing negligent acts likely to spread an infectious disease (Covid-19), among other charges.

However, 4 of these including Eddie Mutwe, Kafuko Stanley and Kampala Lookman have been further remanded to Prison until 19th January 2021 after they were read an additional 6 charges related to alleged destruction of police property and assault of police officers, among others. Needless to say that all these are politically-motivated charges preferred against our comrades with the aim of criminalising our President’s lawful campaign and intimidating his supporters.

By end of working hours today, NUP had paid bail fees for 50+ of the comrades, and will conclude the bail procedures for the rest of the comrades tomorrow.

NUP intends to obtain Production Warrants for comrades who have been remanded to Prison — including those whose bail applications were rejected — such that they may regain their freedom sooner than 19th.

Human Rights Uganda Case: Kansiime Onesmus, 25

Date of death: November 18th, 2020

He was a 25 year old boda boda driver in Namugongo. He was shot dead by a gun man out of uniform. He was running one last errand for a client and got shot. He had plans to sell his motorcycle and start a business for his wife but all his dreams were cut short. He leaves behind a wife and child.

Onesmus Kansiime aka Onek killed November 18, 2020

Human Rights Uganda Case: Grace Walungama, 30

He was an intern mechanic from Kyambogo University working at a garage in Kosovo, Lungujja. Three security operatives raided the garage and claimed that it was the one supplying the rioters with tires. According to eyewitnesses, the deceased fell to his knees and pleaded that the garage had nothing to do with riots. One of the officers ordered him to go to the road and remove the burning tires to prove that he had nothing to do with it. The deceased pleaded that he could not go there because it was so dangerous and the officer shot him dead. The co-worker of the deceased demanded to know the reason why his friend had been killed and he was killed on the spot. Kampala Metropolitan Police, Lucas Owesigire confirmed the two deaths as reported by New Vision newspaper “I confirm the death of the two people but investigations are ongoing to ascertain the circumstances that followed leading to their deaths,both bodies were conveyed to city mortuary Mulago for postmortem.”

Human rights Uganda case: Nalwadda Kevina, 58

She was a bar owner in Kumasitowa, Nansana (Kampala outskirts). She had a doctor’s appointment for her leg complication in Kiruddu hospital. She left the hospital and was heading back home and around Mini Price, she was hit by a Museveni supporter that purposely drove his vehicle into the crowd with the intent to kill or cause injury to innocent Ugandans. The number plate of the vehicle displayed ‘Pakalast’ which is a slogan the NRM Regime uses to say ‘we will rule you to the very end’. His car was branded with NRM campaign posters. She died on that same day in Mulago Hospital.

Human rights Uganda case: Kayizzi Christopher, 30

He was a boda boda driver and a resident of Nyanama (Kampala outskirts). He was shot in the neck and died instantly by security operatives on November 18th, 2020. He worked at the Kasiwukira stage in Kizito Zone Najjanankumbi along Entebbe Road. He was among those that saw non uniformed security operatives vigorously walking towards them and fled. The operatives ordered him to stop and he didn’t, and randomly opened fire killing him.

Human Rights Uganda Case: Frank Baguma, 28

Date of death: November 18th, 2020.

He was a resident of Kabowa (Kampala outskirts), he operated a spare part shop. The deceased, Mr. Baguma, went about his business as a normal routine going to his shop to work and was in no way involved in the events of the protests. However; Mr. Baguma got caught in the reckless action of the Uganda law enforcement officers. According to an undisclosed witness, the deceased locked up his shop and joined neighbors on the road to watch. Shortly after, plain security operatives came chasing protestors while shooting at them with live bullets. One of the bullets hit Mr. Baguma in the head and splashed out his brain and he immediately fell to the ground as reported by an undisclosed eyewitness. He was shot dead in Ndeeba, rushed by friends and onlookers to Rubaga hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. He was buried in Kyekatebe, a village in Mityana, Uganda.

Photo credits: Bukedde Online

Case evaluation:

  •  The law enforcement officers identified as security operatives were in plain uniform identifiable by the guns they carried.  This is a disguise of their identity and for the public not to readily identify the officer(s) in charge of the crimes.
  • Extreme force was used by law enforcement that resulted in the death of 50 innocent Ugandans including Mr. Baguma.