Every 2 months we compile an updated report of Victims of the Ugandan regime. Per 1 March 2024 our team has identified 2650 individuals, although they are just the tip of the iceberg.

For example, we have only registered 37 individuals who were killed during the November 2020 massacre, although the official death count is 54 and the estimated count is even 200. However, only victims that can be individually identified are on the list. During the 2016 Kasese massacre over a hundred individuals were killed, but we have identified only 18 names, most children.

As can be seen in the breakdown by year, most victims are from recent years. Over half of the victims are in the category ‘NUP’, supporters of the National Unity Platform founded in 2020 by Bobi Wine. Not just party members have been arrested or abducted; just wearing a red beret is enough. At least 99 individuals were arrested during elections of 2021 with the charge of ‘Possession of government stores/uniforms’.

In total we have identified 260 individuals that were killed, and 26 to be missing for several years (among which the infamous 18 abducted NUP supporters), as a result of violence by the Ugandan security forces or condoned by the Ugandan government.

In the breakdown of victims by category it is striking that noone is really safe in Uganda. Even some NRM supporters became victims of the violence by the regime. LGBT victims are less than 1% of the total number of victims in our database.

The category ‘Arrested’ (1129) contain those victims that were locked up for political reasons, but not held incommunicado in non-gazetted detention locations (so-called safe-houses) and gravely tortured. The latter category are referred to as ‘Abducted’ were 529.