Drive-by shootings linked to Police cars given by Dutch embassy.

In November, after the arrest of Bobi Wine, protests broke out across the country and the policy & militia reacted with extreme violence. In the video below people in a shopping area are seen cheering when a Police car or Militia car passes by. The car responds by shooting at the crowd and some people are seen falling down while others flee. It’s an obvious example of a Human Rights violation.

When we take a good look at the car that seems to fire, we find they are of the same brand, type & color as the cars that were donated by the Dutch embassy in 2018, as celebrated by the tweet of Dutch ambassador Henk Jan Bakker on 4th of July 2018.

Supposedly, these police cars were donated for use in the refugee camps in Northern Uganda. We have reached out to the Dutch embassy and asked them if they know the whereabouts of the vehicles they donated, but so far they have not been willing to respond.

Freedom Uganda is looking for witnesses of this incident. Please write to if you have further information, or respond to our Twitter post.
(1) Freedom Uganda on Twitter: “In July 2018 @NLinUganda ambassador @henkjanbakker3 proudly tweets about donating cars & motor bikes to Ugandan government. In Nov 2020 we see same car type, text removed, shooting at unarmed civilians. Pls help us find witnesses.” / Twitter

Sales lady killed

When Bobi Wine was arrested, the first pictures of killings by Security Forces & Militias that emerged were of a Sales lady that was hit by a bullet when delivering food.

Freedom Uganda is still looking for more details about this lady and wants to come into contact with eye witnesses of the incident.

We upload this movie to Youtube (below) but it was removed. Clearly Youtube doesnt care about Human Rights.

Local Defense Units & Militias

Local Defense Units are militias known for brute force against civilizians. During the riots after the Bobi Wine arrest they appeared on the streets of Kampala.

The movie below shows how much fear they invoke with the population.

Kiggundu, E. (2020). Shoot to Kill: LDUs kill more Ugandans than coronavirus as lockdown bites. Retrieved from:

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Grenade attack on Bobi Wine’s car


Bobi Wine’s bodyguard Nobert Elber Arihoin was pulled off the campaign trail and wrongfully arrested by the regime for a crime the regime committed on camera. He almost got hit by the same expired tear gun canister that injured both Bobi Wine’s music producer Dan Magic and personal bodyguard Kato. The NBS video proves that he did not throw the canister. The operatives carrying pistols on Bobi Wine’s campaign trail are walking free but People Power supporters are being intimidated and unjustly arrested. #ugDemocracyNow #MuseveniMustGo#PEOPLEPOWER_OURPOWER#FreedomUganda#StopPoliceBrutalityUG#WeAreRemovingADictator

Presidential elections survey

Last October we started to survey the Ugandan voters through Whatsapp. Since nomination day we have been going back to these voters and ask how they feel now.

We find that the support for Museveni has reduced from 34% in October to 28% in November (after nomination day but before the arrest of Kyagulanyi). The p-value of this research is 0.003, meaning it is scientifically significant. There were 300 respondents.

Where do these voters go to? We see that 2% of them are going to Kyagulanyi, he grows from 61% to 63%. But we also see the other opposition candidates, Muntu, Amuriat & Kabuleta going up.

We also asked some other questions.

  • Do you think the election will be honest?
  • Do you think there’s too much police violence?
  • Do you think the violence affects the votes?
  • Do you think the elections should be suspended?
Honest & peaceful elections (copyright:

We have also registered the home district of the voters, allowing us to aggregate according to the various regions. We find that Museveni still has the majority in the West, but hardly any support in Central and the East.

Results per Region (copyright:

Lastly, we looked at the age of the voters. Mainly younger voters (below 35) choose Kyagulanyi.

These surveys that is performing monthly are separate from our human rights activities, but sometimes they coincide. One of our respondents told us he was himself victim of police brutality.

The survey was discussed in our “Democracy in Uganda” program with Nic Cheeseman.