Human Rights Uganda Case: Baker Kato Lubwama, 26

Baker Kato Lubwama, 26, a taxi driver from Kajjansi, was shot in the head on November 18th, 2020 by a Special Force Command (SFC) soldier attached to the elite SFC Presidential guard in Namulanda, Uganda. He died on November 20th, 2020 at Kisubi Hospital. Eyewitness says SFC was spotted for wear a t-shirt with written words “Free Bobi ” demanding for the release of the National Unity Platform (NUP) President, Honorable Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.  

Baker Kato Lubwama, 26: T-Shirt with with “Free Bobi”

Baker Kato Lubwama, 26: Shot in Kisubi Hospital

Baker Kato Lubwama, 26: Shot in Kisubi Hospital

Drive-by shootings linked to Police cars given by Dutch embassy.

In November, after the arrest of Bobi Wine, protests broke out across the country and the policy & militia reacted with extreme violence. In the video below people in a shopping area are seen cheering when a Police car or Militia car passes by. The car responds by shooting at the crowd and some people are seen falling down while others flee. It’s an obvious example of a Human Rights violation.

When we take a good look at the car that seems to fire, we find they are of the same brand, type & color as the cars that were donated by the Dutch embassy in 2018, as celebrated by the tweet of Dutch ambassador Henk Jan Bakker on 4th of July 2018.

Supposedly, these police cars were donated for use in the refugee camps in Northern Uganda. We have reached out to the Dutch embassy and asked them if they know the whereabouts of the vehicles they donated, but so far they have not been willing to respond.

Freedom Uganda is looking for witnesses of this incident. Please write to if you have further information, or respond to our Twitter post.
(1) Freedom Uganda on Twitter: “In July 2018 @NLinUganda ambassador @henkjanbakker3 proudly tweets about donating cars & motor bikes to Ugandan government. In Nov 2020 we see same car type, text removed, shooting at unarmed civilians. Pls help us find witnesses.” / Twitter

Sales lady killed

When Bobi Wine was arrested, the first pictures of killings by Security Forces & Militias that emerged were of a Sales lady that was hit by a bullet when delivering food.

Freedom Uganda is still looking for more details about this lady and wants to come into contact with eye witnesses of the incident.

We upload this movie to Youtube (below) but it was removed. Clearly Youtube doesnt care about Human Rights.

Local Defense Units & Militias

Local Defense Units are militias known for brute force against civilizians. During the riots after the Bobi Wine arrest they appeared on the streets of Kampala.

The movie below shows how much fear they invoke with the population.

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Human Rights Uganda Case: Kansiime Onesmus, 25

Date of death: November 18th, 2020

He was a 25 year old boda boda driver in Namugongo. He was shot dead by a gun man out of uniform. He was running one last errand for a client and got shot. He had plans to sell his motorcycle and start a business for his wife but all his dreams were cut short. He leaves behind a wife and child.

Onesmus Kansiime aka Onek killed November 18, 2020

Human Rights Uganda Case: Grace Walungama, 30

He was an intern mechanic from Kyambogo University working at a garage in Kosovo, Lungujja. Three security operatives raided the garage and claimed that it was the one supplying the rioters with tires. According to eyewitnesses, the deceased fell to his knees and pleaded that the garage had nothing to do with riots. One of the officers ordered him to go to the road and remove the burning tires to prove that he had nothing to do with it. The deceased pleaded that he could not go there because it was so dangerous and the officer shot him dead. The co-worker of the deceased demanded to know the reason why his friend had been killed and he was killed on the spot. Kampala Metropolitan Police, Lucas Owesigire confirmed the two deaths as reported by New Vision newspaper “I confirm the death of the two people but investigations are ongoing to ascertain the circumstances that followed leading to their deaths,both bodies were conveyed to city mortuary Mulago for postmortem.”

Human rights Uganda case: Nalwadda Kevina, 58

She was a bar owner in Kumasitowa, Nansana (Kampala outskirts). She had a doctor’s appointment for her leg complication in Kiruddu hospital. She left the hospital and was heading back home and around Mini Price, she was hit by a Museveni supporter that purposely drove his vehicle into the crowd with the intent to kill or cause injury to innocent Ugandans. The number plate of the vehicle displayed ‘Pakalast’ which is a slogan the NRM Regime uses to say ‘we will rule you to the very end’. His car was branded with NRM campaign posters. She died on that same day in Mulago Hospital.

Human Rights Uganda Case: Edward Mukwaya

He was a motorcycle mechanic and a resident of Nabaziza, Kyengera (Kampala outskirts). He was shot and killed by security operatives on November 18th, 2020. The father of the deceased, Charles Balikoowa said the son was not part of the protesters and was killed for nothing. A witness, Vincent Ssebunya indicated that the security officer who killed him, first chased him until he reached and shot him in the ribs. He died instantly.

Edward Mukwaya, shot and killed on November 18th, 2020

Human rights Uganda case: Kayizzi Christopher, 30

He was a boda boda driver and a resident of Nyanama (Kampala outskirts). He was shot in the neck and died instantly by security operatives on November 18th, 2020. He worked at the Kasiwukira stage in Kizito Zone Najjanankumbi along Entebbe Road. He was among those that saw non uniformed security operatives vigorously walking towards them and fled. The operatives ordered him to stop and he didn’t, and randomly opened fire killing him.